Uro-Gynaecological Fistula

Urinary fistulas in women are a complicated and multifaceted problem. Apart from being a source of serious worry and psychosocial concerns for the woman, it may also create tension and mental trauma in the household, including the newborn if it occurs during childbirth.

In women, urinary fistulas trigger persistent urinary leakage. Wetting, poor odor, skin soiling bacteria, and the woman being a social outcast, either by choice or by public coercion, are all symptoms of persistent incessant leaking.

Types of Urinary Fistulas in Women

According to the Best Urologist In Noida, Vaginal fistulas come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

Vesicovaginal fistula is a form of vesicovaginal fistula. This opening, also known as a bladder fistula, arises between the vaginal and urinary bladder and is the most common form seen by physicians.

Colovaginal fistula is a type of fistula that connects the uterus and A colovaginal fistula is a link between the vagina and the colon.

Fistula between the urethra and the vaginal canal. The opening between your vagina and the tube that transports urine out of your body happens in this kind of fistula, also known as a urethral fistula (urethra).

Gynecological Urinary Fistulas: What Causes Them?

The form of a supraregional VVF or Vesicovaginal fistula is an unwanted consequence of hysterectomy or uterus removal for a variety of reasons.

Obstetric or childbirth– A obstructed labor or a stuck infant, particularly in Indian women, may result in big, difficult-to-treat fistulas. Often found in agricultural areas, but can also be found in urban and rural areas.

Women who are diagnosed with the cervix or endometrial cancer can develop a urinary fistula.

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