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The Case Of 7 Years Old Baby Boy (Right Renal Calculus 16mm) only center in Noida and Greater Noida where Pediatric RIRS is done.

The case of 8 year old girl Suffer with left large renal stone. 1st time done RIRS surgery in this region by
Dr.Devender Kumar Babbar and Dr.Vipin Sisodia.

Memokath placement for complex urethral strictures and BPH patients(not fit for anaesthesia)

Intraoperative Images Of RIRS

Intraoperative images of RIRS where flexible scope is powdering the stone with laser

B/L RENAL Stone Patient (STAGHORN)

B/L RENAL Stone patient (STAGHORN) managed by RIRS surgery without any hole or cut in body

Another difficult stone patient with stones in almost all calyces of kidney managed by RIRS. PCNL will require multiple holes in kidney to clear the stones.

Stones In Almost All Calyces Of Kidney Managed By RIRS

Very rare condition of Left complete duplex PCS and ureter with pyonephrosis. 2 DJ stents are placed in 2 left ureter to drain the PCS

Prostatic Abscess Treatment

60 yr old Diabetic male came with history of Urinary Retention with catheter in situ with Fever. IV ANTIBIOTICS started. ons revealed Prostatic abscess treatment. Patient posted for Surgery

Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction with Stone

21 year old Male Complaints of Haematospermia with Occasional Haematuria with painful ejaculation since last 6 months.

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