Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer occurs as bladder cells begin to expand abnormally. Rather than growing and dividing in a regular pattern, these cells evolve mutations that allow them to proliferate uncontrollably and not die. These irregular cells combine to form a tumor. Bladder cancer is a form of cancer that begins in the bladder. The bladder is the organ of the body that stores and excretes urine. 

Bladder Cancer Factors

  • Tobacco smoking and other tobacco use
  • Chemical exposure, especially working in a job that necessitates chemical exposure
  • Radiation exposure in the past
  • Chronic urinary lining pain

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

  • Abdominal ache
  • Urine containing blood
  • If cancer spreads to the bone, you can experience bone pain or tenderness.
  • Fatigue
  • Urination that hurts
  • Urinary frequency
  • Urgency of urination
  • Urine leakage (incontinence)
  • Weight loss

Bladder Cancer Treatment

The type of treatment you receive is determined by the level of your cancer, the severity of the symptoms, and your general health.


Immunotherapy is often used to cure bladder cancer. A drug is used in this therapy to stimulate the immune system to target and destroy cancer cells. The Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine is widely used in bladder cancer immunotherapy. Interferon is a medication that is frequently used. It is administered directly into the bladder using a Foley catheter. If BCG fails, patients can be given interferon.

Bladder Cancer Varieties

Urothelial carcinoma, also known as intermediate cell carcinoma, develops in the cells that form the interior of the bladder.

Chronic inflammation of the bladder, such as by an infection or long-term use of a urinary catheter, is linked to squamous cell carcinoma.

Adenocarcinoma starts in the cells that make up the bladder’s mucus-secreting glands.

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